Tinderbox Poetry // “Diagnosis”



Yes, Poetry // “Unclean Hands: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Yes, Poetry // “On the Creation of the Body

Yes, Poetry // “A Creature Wanders Through the Forest

Unbroken // “Drowning Symphonies

Luna Luna // “Psalm of Scattered Ashes

Sugar House Review // “Somewhere, a Young Girl’s Body is Taken”

Sugar House Review // “Cleanse”

Glass Poetry Press // “Undressing

PANK // “Full Bodied

Nightjar Review // “Warning Sign” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Glass Poetry Press // “Vanishing

Stirring Lit // “Spellbound

MockingHeart Review // “Skin Against Skin

MockingHeart Review // “A Perfect Body

MockingHeart Review // “Always in Motion

Noble/Gas Quarterly // “Apparition” (nominated for Best of the Net)

Ghost City Review // “A Dream. A Dream”

Ghost City Review // “Affection”

Ink in Thirds // “Harvest

The Boiler // “Here, Together We’re Lost at Sea

The Boiler // “Psalm of Undoing

Slink Chunk Press // “Repose”

Slink Chunk Press // “Coming in with the Tide”

Slink Chunk Press // “After the War

Prelude // “Cravings

Up the Staircase Quarterly // “I Say My Morning Prayers By the Ocean

Menacing Hedge // “Lullaby

Menacing Hedge // “On Being Haunted

Menacing Hedge // “On Holding Hands with Ghosts

Menacing Hedge // “Of Woods

Menacing Hedge // “How Creatures are Lulled to Sleep

Menacing Hedge // “How I’m Lulled to Sleep

Boston Accent Lit // “Mutterings

District Lit // “Inside My Body

Rogue Agent // “Listen

Whale Road Review // “Intimacy

Literary Orphans // “Notes on How a Woman’s Frame Doesn’t Break

Whiskey Island // “Dreamless Sleep”

White Stag // “Birthright”      *purchase here

White Stag // “Creatures”

White Stag // “Bread and Butter”

White Stag // “Psalm to be Read While My Mother Sleeps”

White Stag // “Letters to the Woman’s Frame”

Dirty Chai // “Vault

Dirty Chai // “Romanticized

Dirty Chai // “The Asylum

Third Wednesday  // “In The Kitchen”

Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal // Charnel

Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal // Whisper

Slim Volume: See Into the Dark // “Revisiting”

Slim Volume: See Into the Dark // “On a Typical Evening”

Quail Bell Magazine // Vixen

Quail Bell Magazine // “Never Forgotten

Quail Bell Magazine // “Follow Me

Quail Bell Magazine // “The Night Ravages

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal // “Breaking

Turtle Island Quarterly // “Don’t Touch Hot Things

Sweet Tree Review // “Ameliorative Growing

The West Wind // “Heaven”

The West Wind // “Birds of a Feather”

The West Wind // “Pretend”

The Monterey Herald // “Nothing is as it Seems”

The Cedar Street Times // “Raising the Flag”